The Engine 2 Diet Plan

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When firefighter Rip Esselstyn discovered that several of his colleagues were in danger due to poor health, he came to the rescue and changed their diets

Rip Esselstyn became a bestselling author when he shared his journey and knowledge in the book “The Engine 2 diet.”

After helping his fellow firefighters get on a path to better well-being, he wanted to help Americans facing similar health problems.

The Engine 2 diet doesn’t emphasize weight loss, but rather focuses on reducing cholesterol levels, preventing heart disease and becoming a “plant-strong” individual.

In addition to eliminating animal products, the Engine 2 diet is low-fat and free of vegetable oils.

Followers of the diet consume whole foods like legumes, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Limited Calories

With limited vegetable oils and sources of fat and protein, the Engine 2 diet is naturally low in calories. The guidelines don’t require followers to count calories, so there aren’t any calorie recommendations.

People who want to lose weight can do so on this diet since it consists of low-calorie foods like leafy greens, beans, and vegetables.

However, people who look to the diet to improve their heart health should make sure they’re eating a large enough volume of food to meet their calorie needs.


Engine 2 Diet

What It Is:

The Engine 2 diet is a strict vegan diet. It consists of mainly whole, unprocessed plant foods. Followers eliminate animal products, vegetable oils and added sugar. They must also reduce their salt and fat intake. While the Engine 2 diet can help people lose weight, its main purpose is to help people reduce their cholesterol and prevent heart disease.


This diet poses no risks as long as people are meeting their requirements for protein and some micronutrients.


In theory, this diet can be sustained long term. However, it’s very strict and followers make experience cravings that cause them to stray from the diet. It’s also difficult to eat out at restaurants on this diet.

Sample daily menu

Here’s an example of what an Engine 2 dieter might eat on a typical day:

Breakfast: Vegan migas (breakfast burrito) with tofu and veggies

Lunch: Sweet potato bowl with black beans

Dinner: Lentil “meatloaf” with tofu and ground walnuts

Dessert: Date and nut fruit pie

Engine 2 Foods


Will you lose weight?

Probably. Like all plant-based diets, the Engine 2 plan is low in fat and high in fiber, which helps keep you feeling fuller longer.

Also, you’ll be getting rid of vegetable oil, which is highly caloric.

Engine 2 diet review: pros & cons

Reviews of the Engine 2 diet have noted the plan can contribute to weight loss because it is low-fat and high-fiber.

A low-fat diet that helps lower cholesterol is also beneficial for cardiovascular health.

However, there are some potential drawbacks to this diet. It can take quite a bit of adaptation to switch to a vegan diet.

Bear in mind that vegans don’t eat any animal products – that includes eggs and cheese.

The typical vegan recipe may require a bit more prep work.

Dieters would have to become accustomed to working with new ingredients, such as nutritional yeast, to ensure that they meet their vitamin and mineral requirements.

It can also be more challenging to dine out or attend dinner parties as a vegan.

Dieters who have trouble devising a nutritionally complete meal plan may be at a higher risk for health complications, including osteoporosis (due to low calcium intake), anemia (due to low iron intake), and damaged nerves (due to low vitamin B12 intake).

The potential health risks of an unbalanced vegan diet are a compelling reason to seek the dietary guidance of a physician.

Foot Note:

While the Engine 2 diet is a great way to lose weight and improve your heart health, it’s not the only way to have a healthy diet.

This diet can be done long-term, but it’s not sustainable for everyone.

If you want to maintain your weight and health, allow yourself to be inspired by the advantages of the Engine 2 diet but don’t restrict yourself too heavily.

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